Why Give?

We recognize the past 66 years of St. Andrew’s success is largely attributed to a generous and compassionate community of supporters like you. Supporting St. Andrew’s Episcopal School means you reassure the education and growth of our students both academically and spiritually while enhancing our mission as a whole. For more information about how you can contribute to the St. Andrew’s mission, please contact Caylar Widick at cwidick@standrewsschool.org or (806) 376-9501.

 How to Give?

Annual Fund
Your gift to the Annual Fund gives St. Andrew’s the opportunity to continue implementing a unique education for every child in...
Fishermen's Society
The Fishermen's Society have established and strengthened the foundation of St. Andrew’s, have spread the Good News by...
Scholarship Fund
Each year, St. Andrew's offers scholarships and financial assistance to deserving families to alleviate the cost of tuition. Giving to the scholarship fund at St. Andrew's is a thoughtful way to serve your community while providing a wholesome education for many children.
Bronco Sponsors
Support the athletic program by purchasing a banner to advertise your business in the new Fine Arts and Athletic Building.
Library Gifts
Thanks to the St. Andrew's community, our students have access to more than 19,000 books. Donating books to the library ensures our students never lose their love for literacy.
Program Funding
If you or your family are passionate about a particular program at St. Andrew's, please consider helping us enhance these programs to better serve our students.

Of course, gifts come in many forms. St. Andrew’s is pleased to accept gifts of any kind as they all have a profound impact on our institution. If you have any questions about how you can contribute to our mission, please contact our development office. Together we can empower our children to strive in every way possible.

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