St. Andrew’s Careers

Great schools are not defined by their brick and mortar, they are built by teachers who are masters of their craft who know that transformative learning starts with knowing and loving students. We provide careers for professional educators who understand the opportunity and the responsibility of the autonomy with which we entrust our faculty, the mastery with which we hold ourselves accountable, and the purpose by which we collectively galvanize our efforts. Just as we provide opportunities for our students to strive together, we ask our faculty to do the same. Not limited by mandated curriculum or onerous testing requirements, we ask our faculty to design learning environments that are distinctive…that cannot be experienced anywhere else. To do so, we ask faculty to be bold and flexible in their thinking.


To pursue a career at St. Andrew’s is to accept a calling to unleash and celebrate the unique gifts everyone in our community – students, parents, colleagues – bring to the table. We look forward to learning more about how you can make us an even better place for children. Please contact us for more information on how you can make an impact at St. Andrew’s.

Substitute Teachers
We are accepting applications at this time for substitute teachers at all grade-levels and in all subjects.
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Teaching Faculty
Part-time Teacher of Drama
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Leadership Team
There are no available positions at this time.
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